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Lindsay Lohan talks “politics” with left wing David Gregory of “Meet the Press”

Lindsay Lohan chats politics with left wing jackass David Gregory..

Politics is better than SNL, you cant make this stuff up

David Gregory, the host of the left wing psycho liberal “Meet the Press” met up with superstar Lindsay Lohan, on the Tonight Show and wanted to discuss politics with her. He gave her a glowing remark on her take saying.

I enjoyed meeting Lindsay Lohan. She was very interested in talking about politics and foreign policy #tonightshow

Now most of have heard about Lohan with her run in with the law and being on probation, how drugs and alcohol almost ruined her acting career. I have to admit I think Lohan is hot, I would marry her in a heart beat, but I know it would be a mistake for one simple reason. She is unstable as hell.

Lindsay gave me some advice

Now Gregory, who always has an agenda is priming the pump to get more Hollywood stars to stay on the liberal bandwagon so they can help out dems cause. What is that? To keep people misinformed and confused of the facts. Gregory will obfuscate the facts to protect the liberals at all cost, even if that means lying by omission on the facts about Fast & Furious, Behghazi, voter fraud, or anything else that will arise from Fox News, or other sources.

Lets fall off the fiscal cliff to raise our ratings

Now that NBC is laying off workers they can all be proud they voted for their own layoffs, how stupid is that?

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