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Israel v. Hamas cease fire had to wait 24 hours for Secretary Clinton to arrive

The egregious actions of Hamas firing bombs on Israel had agreed on a cease fire 24 hours prior to Secretary Clinton arriving, but couldn’t initiate the CEASE FIRE for one reason. They had to wait on Clinton to get there!!!

No cease fire until I arrive, you can kill a few more people it’s OK.

The funny part is nobody knows why they waited or what was gained by waiting for Clinton. 

What the hell is that? So you mean more people had to die so that Clinton (aka. Obama administration) to get credit for stopping the war that was happening over there. What is really surprising is how the left wing media is actually bashing Israel for shooting back at Hamas, really?

So as the news trickles out onto the talk radio airwaves telling what Jennifer Griffin, discovered, don’t expect the lame stream media to report this story because you will not hear about the cease fire had to wait on Clinton.

All the media will report is stupid stories about unions striking on Walmart, unions striking at LAX supported by SEIU, and in Chicago airports too. Now the SEIU is pissing off people all over the country and that will not bode well for their cause. Of course you will have the bleeding heart liberals supporting the cause but at what cost? Unions are actually shutting down LAX right now so they can get their way. Unions also forced Hostess into bankruptcy and they have closed its doors and selling off as this is written. An American icon is gone for one reason…. UNIONS…

Clinton and the Obama administration forced a cease fire to wait 24 hours till Clinton arrives, and the unions shut down the holidays, this is what you voted for. Greedy liars to protect and put their interest before others and the country, and now the world…

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