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Obama wants California to go broke all in the name of “fairness”

LA is going broke

As we know several cities have filed bankruptcy in California, and still we hear reports that the people of this state just voted in a liberal democratic super majority in their own state legislator. Now we can see how a welfare state on steroids operates on overdrive to raise taxes and spending.

Here is why their plan will not work. If you take out all the people that work that are not part of the public sector, all you have left is 38% of the privet sector. Then only half can pay taxes because they are poor and don’t qualify to pay into the system. Now only 19% are paying the taxes in the whole state.

Now most of you are saying what about it, who cares right? Well I would like to tell you your right, but your not. Here is something that you may not have know or thought about.

Cities can file for bankruptcy but STATES can not.

So what will happen is when the state of cali has figured out they will not be able to  pay all the pensions (aka. UNIONS) they will have to turn to the Federal Government for help (aka. subsides) to be bailed out of the mess they are in. Here is an added benefit to this genocidal poverty enriched areas. The rich will not be effected like the poor will, this will force people into areas so they can be controlled easier. If they are unable to live in certain areas then so be it, you have to move either to a really bad spot or out of state.

California has been seeing a mass exodus for the last few years, after Obama was elected, and now it has sped up ten-fold. So many people are moving out of the state faster than they can run food stamp commercials. This is the biggest joke of a state in the history of the United States, and the best is yet to come. California just now voting to raise all taxes and using scare tactics they can’t send kids to school – the oldest trick in the book.

The dems will use any tactic possible to stay in power, it doesn’t matter how vile they are since they are the party against GOD, so they get a pass. Americans have cowered in a craven manner that has given its backbone to a fat, female, ethnic, atheist. We will not repudiate calling a radical Muslim a murder and are told we should make peace with them, give me a break. So you want to chit chat with somebody that wants to kill you…. really? As California heads towards the fiscal cliff, it is inevitable they will go bankrupt and ask the government to bail them out, sticking you, the tax payer with the bill.

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