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George Sorros unites with Occupy Wall Street to shut down Walmart

I am a crook and manipulate currency to make billions

George Sorros, (who is wanted by Russia) and Occupy Wall Street want to join with the local unions to force all it’s members  to strike on “black Friday” and shut down Walmart over the holidays. Sorros who has been convicted of currency manipulation, now uses his money and website moveon.org to create havoc during the holidays to promote the anarchy model of the OWS movement. By mobilizing union and non-union workers asking them to protest and strike. This is a blatant move to force Walmart into a union and they have been planning this for several years now.

The SEIU spokes person Andrew Gross-Gaitan, director of southern California division, will also hold a protest at LAX (Los Angles) airport. 1200 members will strike over the weekend. When Gross was asked what he would say to the American people about not being able to get to their destination all he could say was “I apologize” but will still ask his members to strike. He would cite talking points how the unions have already sacrificed enough and this will get the attention  they deserve.

So are you a union member?

Thugs that want America to be union so you can pay dues

This is what we are faced with and it will only get worse. As these unions gain more power and the government allows to be paid off by union leaders, we are in store for much worse in the future. I am not a fan of unions, in fact I hate unions, I feel they destroy production, hinder free thought, and stifle competition.

How can unions be defeated? Simple…. Everyone should be paid like a sub-contractor. You will get the full amount of you pay without any taxes withheld. You can write off all your bills that are business related and get more deductions that are allowed by law. This is referred as 1099 and the only way I will work for people. Of course I am an independent contractor and own my own business. I pay my own taxes and love this way of doing business. This is what America needs to get back on track.

If everyone was a small business then unions would not exist and not able to strike, politicians influenced by union thugs, OWS join to protest (cause they would have a job) and create independence.

Without independence we are serfs to the unions, is that what you want to be?

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