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Santa Claus is blamed by Rush Limbaugh for Obama winning election

Santa I would like a fat check for Christmas

We all know that this president will raise taxes, create more government agencies, and promote welfare programs, we all get it. So when Rush Limbaugh made comments that Obama won the election by giving stuff away like Santa Claus, many republicans were mad as hell. Why is that?

The GOP has to understand we are on the right side of history, and if you look at how hard that can be then you have never had your own business. If you compromise on your principles or beliefs, then you have caved into what these people want.

That is not the American wayWe have to stand up and be strong for independence and less government, it will resonate with people once they grow up or want to have a business.

We know this country will not be the same, when you promise to give people things like Santa, some are upset to categorize this president in such a manner. After all, when you give things away you will create dependence. The best analogy is why do they have road signs that say “don’t feed the animals”. It’s for one simple reason, if you feed the animals they will depend upon tourist for handouts and forget how to feed themselves.

Sound familiar?

Ron Paul had his farewell speech the other day and had this one simple thing to say. Why is selling conservative ideas so hard? It’s really simple, we don’t give away stuff. We want everyone to earn their way and make it own their own, and not depend on the government to bail you out.

So what is the GOP suppose to do?

Promote welfare and give stuff away or promote principles to do it one you own. Most people will not take the hard road and do that, it’s easy for people to do what they always do and work for someone else. Why go out there and own your own business, that is hard work. Then if you do make it these people want to jump all over you and now take it away now. We have a culture that will promote “fairness” yet that is code for take from the rich and give to the poor.

The GOP is for everyone to make it and be rich, is that hard to understand?

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