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Unions kill Hostess Twinkee – Unions are killing America over “Right to Work”

David Trumka & Unions Are Killing America, Hostess cupcake is the first victim of many to come

As we watch the unions stand their ground we see how they can take down a corporation which in turn happen to be an icon for many generations. I remember when I use to get Hostess ding-dongs and love them as a kid, now I would steer clear from them. Of course the running joke was that a twinkee had the half life of dirt, or how can you tell when a twinkee went bad? You can’t.

This is just the first wave of many new things to come from “fairness”. The unions have a goal, and that is to make ever one join or die. They are not killing people outright only by attrition. After all if you don’t have a job and you can’t work what are you going to do? Now these people that just lost their job after closing down Hostess, they will have to get federal assistance and the tax payers pick up the bill. Thanks.

What union boss’already have planned are to get legislators to alter the law just a little so it will read that all business’ will have to join or create a union. This is just another way to close the gap and control people. Unions are already being forced towards the nursing sector, and predicted to generate over a billion dollars in revenue.


David Trumka is the person behind all this surreptitious activity, yet you will never know the vial, immoral, debasing hate this man has towards the “right to work”.

Unions have a big paycheck coming here in the next few weeks, after all the unions paid over a billion dollars to re-elect Obama. Now the public community organizer has to return the favor, after all the union party was the first party he met with before business leaders or congress. Well you can see how they have a foothold in remote areas and pitching they have been waiting a long time for what is to come. So what is that?

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