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Obama tells press “Come After Me” on Benghazi I welcome it…

You have a problem with me

Today was the first time #Nobama held a press conference in eight months, he has been so busy campaigning he has not had time to talk with the White House Press Core. So today he was faced with some tough questions and some real soft balls. one reporter was all giggles talking about how she was with him when he was running for the Senate and telling him, “I was there from the beginning and you have never lost”. Give me a break.

Then the real reporters ask some tougher questions Obama, was finally asked about why Senators are going to block Susan Rice for Secretary of State, this is when he got angry and shown his true colors. Stating is these guys are coming after Rice as a “easy target then they have a problem with me”.

Guess what Obama we do have a problem with you, why has the stock market lost over 600 points since election and over 275K people signed a petition to succeed from the Union. In fact over 100K in Texas alone.

Then the president went on to say after finding out what was going on in Benghazi Obama said “do whatever you need to do” talking about helping out the people over in the consult that had come under attack, but that does not fly for several reasons. Why was a “SEVEN HOUR FIRE FIGHT” and no help came, who disobeyed his orders if he gave them? Here is what we already know that Obama can’t deny. The consulate had been attack two times before 911 and the Red Cross and British consulate left the country due to instability. We also know there were several terrorist camps around the Consulate and that was told to the CIA by our own Ambassador days before the attack. The day of the attack Ambassador Stevens asked for a plane so they can escape if needed. Of course conjecture is abound and some people are saying it was an “Arms Deal” that went bad and we were holding terrorist in detainment, but that has not been confirmed but do you think it will come out?

Now here is where Obama’s story may have caught up with him and he doesn’t know it yet. Obama said “Rice had no clue about what was going on” and was asked by the White House to go out and tell people it was a video that sparked the attack, when in fact it was not at all. In fact the White House was watching the attack in “REAL TIME”. So since they knew for a fact it was a planned terrorist attack then why did he send Rice out on the Sunday talk shows? If she didn’t know what was going on then why send her and not the CIA or Secretary of State out to tell the people what happened, but the big question is WHO told Rice to say what she said?

David Petraus

This is what Obama does, he finds a scape goat to carry his message and when things get ugly they are “tossed under the bus”. I hope we get the truth, but I fear this will all be swept under the carpet as the sex scandal of David Petreaus (CIA Director) gets all the attention, not why this investigation was brought up to start with. After all Petreaus has been under this investigation by the FBI, for several months and I feel like this administration was using this as a card to get him to do what Obama wanted. Once he did carry the water then he was thrown under the bus. Petreaus has to testify this Friday about what happened, yet if he debases Obama it will not mean as much for one reason, he has already been discredited. It’s a perfect scenario for corruption.

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