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NBC lays off workers and the best part “they voted for it”

NBC lays off workers but you voted for it..

As more business are forced to lay off workers such as Papa Johns, Boeing, Applebees etc.. and many others. A new group of workers will be hitting the unemployment lines for Christmas. It was announced today that NBC will be sending workers home and here is the best part, “they voted for it”.

Everyone was told for months that when Obamacare was implemented the taxes and cuts would be devastating to small business, well now all the idiots that voted for this can reap what they sow.

Since the GOP lost all you hear is how we need to change how we do business, that is far from the truth. All we have to do is wait till the sonambulate serfs wake up from their walking coma and figure out what they want is NOT what they got.

As the intolerant left passes more regulations, we will see more people get angry and some will riot, this is the beginning of socialism and you have a front row seat to the impending crash that economist have been warning about for the last six months. So far over 900 new EPA regulations have been put into place and over 6000 new regulations overall have been posted on #nobama’s white house web site.

NBC workers are laid off for Christmas and they have nobody to blame except themselves for one simple reason “they voted for it”


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