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The GOP is alive and well

Freedom is not free anymore

Now that the GOP took a major setback the liberals are bragging the party is dead. That is so far from the truth it’s not funny, and the left know it. If you think about it, the left that really run the party is the 1%, and the rest are picking up the crumbs. That is the difference between the two parties, republicans are poor, middle and rich, and we want everyone to get rich. Why do liberals demonize monetary remuneration and don’t call it for what it really is? Success.

So how do we get the word out about an alternative platforms to adopt, cause the old one’s are not working.

  1. Allow Amnesty to illegals only after boarder is secure, the fine them, plus a small processing fee so they can get a SSN and Drivers License and be taxed immediately. They don’t have the right to vote for five years, English is the standard language, and people with criminal records must be deported.
  2. Lose the stigma of pot and “Legalize Marijuana” and let the people regulate and pay tax on it from dispensaries, also allow groups/collectives be autonomous from regulations of any government form local, state, or federal encumbrances.
  3. Allow GAYs to have right to common unions but not marriage, they can have all the same benefit as marriage but that title  is reserved for a man and woman.
  4. Adopt a “Flat Tax System” across the board so it is fair.
  5. Slash entitlements on everything and restructure the whole system.
  6. Back all money by “GOLD” so we have a true standard.
  7. Cut government departments by 30% across the board.
  8. Unions are outdated mega-fund -generators, and only a select few control the masses. All public and privet unions that receive tax dollars shall be slashed, frozen and accounted for . Unions shall not have the right to add, change or influence laws regarding “right to work” states on how the are independent of out if state unions or subsidiaries.
  9. Stop all new regulations on coal and open up all offshore oil rigs, put in pipeline so America can use natural resources. Mandate large truck switch to natural gas and work on hydrogen technology for cars.
  10. Teachers are to be set to standards that must be meet by performance based results, unions are not to have control of voters rights or suppression. OH and Birth control, doesn’t Obama care cover that now?

These are just a few things that would spark jobs and stop all the lame bickering. The American people want to see some action from these elected officials that can’t seem to get anything done. I think all republicans that are GenX and under will agree and so will business.

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