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Is the “Fiscal Cliff” bad for Obama? Or does he want us to fall off

Obama wins election GOD help America we are going to see wealth redistribution explode.

I don’t believe that Obama cares if we fall off the “fiscal cliff”, or about his legacy that people are talking about. His whole plan is to break America, at all cost. If that means he has to be excoriated or debased as the worst president ever, that is ok with him, as long as he can take all the money and redistribute the wealth in America.

Obama has some real work to do, so far his bigger government has reared it’s ugly head just a little but more is to come.Yet he is still in campaign mode, meeting with a few people in business (liberal owners) and Unions, but not congress.

Obama even asked the American people to tweet their concerns to congress.

Here’s a thought Mr. President, pick up the freaking phone and call them yourself, that’s what your paid for.

Hurricane Sandy has stranded all the people up north (that voted for him overwhelmingly). He has promised them help and the government is here to help.

It is fair to say if you voted for #NObama, then you are for lager government, more investing (spending), more taxes, and regulations. Local government will blame privet companies while the Federal Government can’t even stay open during a snow storm? This is Katrina all over except this is happening to northers and it’s not suppose to happen there, but they have more money and a louder voice so they will get redemption faster than Katrina survivors.

We watched as FEMA functions as a wonderful, efficient gov agency during Katrina; like a drunken congress man at a fund raiser. As government comes to save the day, the local people are exposed to the efficiency of double talk and obfuscation and the latest adage to the vernacular “I Don’t Know”, or in txt’ing terms IDK.

Then you have “Fast and Furious”, Stock Market tanking, big companies laying off workers, all after the election, and 50% of the country divided, not to mention the economy stagnate and expected to get worse. Obama is the only president to win with a lower margin than the first election in history.

I Don’t Know

CIA Director David Petraeus, resigns over a sex scan scandal (with his biographer) now their are more questions about Benghazi on who knew what and when, some are now saying he was thrown under the bus. When you watch four Americans die in real time and lie about the cause, then you have some real problems and breakdowns. Then the Iranians fire upon one of our drones but missed, technically that is an act of war, but the Pentagon Press Sectary will not label it as such; not to mention this happened six days before the election.

China now has new stealth fighters that appear to be made from American Intelligence, and nuclear subs that will be developed in two years. Plus Chinese bases that have set up in Mexico with large troop counts and heavy equipment.

But it’s all good, we have a president that has a goal to take down America and military at all cost. No matter how far it is, so long as government grows and personal freedom dies.The “Fiscal Cliff” is not a problem for our fearless leader, as long as he leads from behind we can all be followers.

How do you get it back? Charles Krouthammer said something the other day that really resonated with me about a post I have already written. In my opinion, we need to give Amnesty to illegals and fine them, but only with agreement of  sealing the border. Soon as the boarder is secure we issue green cards and SSN, so they can be taxed like normal Americans. Speed the twelve month process to thirty days then we can weed out the criminals faster when they agree to get documentation, if they don’t agree to getting a license or identification then they can be deported. Plus they do not have the rite to vote for five years and English is the standard language.

Decriminalize Marijuana and let the people self regulated it and not the government. Anyone old enough to fight and die for this country can smoke a joint. The benefits far out weigh the fallacious conjectured charges. The old guard of the republicans has died out and needs to be replaced by Generation X.

I feel that Obama wants us to fall off the fiscal cliff, that has been his plan all along.

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