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Young Independent Voters Break Huge for Romney by 16%

I will win this election

As this election gets closer to the final days it is becoming apparent that the Obama Administration will say and do anything to make the case they  are winning, yet the polls are showing that they are getting beat in so many categories.

In fact the newest PPP poll show that independent young voters, are breaking towards Romney by 16 points, this is huge. Romney also wins in all polls in better able to manage the economy, he has tied in the women’s vote and his like-ability has broke over 50% for the first time in the race.

We have seen the president obfuscate the facts on Libya, saying he released all the information as it has come out, yet this is not the case at all. In fact, Obama was asked a direct question a few days ago about the request of the ex-seal team member that had requested help, (that was denied 3 TIMES) and he refused to answer the question; instead he deflected the questions with his talking points.It has been over 6 weeks since the gay Ambassador was killed along with three other Americans (two were navy seals)

If you watch Fox News Channel they have devoted tons of press to this, you will know that there is a direct relation to a coverup so this president can get elected. On the other hand, the liberal media has dropped the ball. NBC in fact only devoted 31 seconds to this story while the other networks have a combined 4.5 minutes last week during prime time news.

The national media and Obama have taken the American people for granted, they must think we are not paying attention to what is going on in the country. People are not listening to the main stream news media like they use to. Now that we have the internet we can get our news when we want to know what is going on. This should be a lesson to all politicians that are wanting our vote, we are paying attention to what you say and what you really do. You can lie to us one time, but then the jig is up, we will throw you under the bus to fast you will not have time to get a pension check.

The liberal dems have lied, cheated and pretended to want to be there for the little person. Yet they are the same people that are living high on the hog, in big fancy houses attending party’s on end, yet they claim they are helping the poor and hungry;; so why are they wanting to ban food kitchens and create the food police?

Mitt Romney will win this election in a huge victory, all the left wing pundits are espousing a narrow victory, but they refuse to pay attention to the polls and the mood of the country. As Obama promotes his hate Romney2012 tour we see a different approach from Romney, he is talking about how we can do better, create jobs by limiting restrictions and lowering taxes.

Who would you want to have in office, a stagnant hater, or a positive doer?


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    I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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