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Gunrunning and Heavy Weapons Coverup in Benghazi

Obama and his cronies are guilty of letting our faggot Ambassador die (who was gang ass raped), now there is a huge conspiracy gun running was involved and hidden to cover up that facts. The reason they are telling the people now, “they didn’t have proper intelligence to let more special forces into the area”, but we all know that is not true either. We know that the attack was not spurred from a youtube video, so what was the real reason?

Is Obama covering up another gun running practice to the Taliban, like the one to the Mexican Cartel? After all we still don’t know the true story behind that and it has been over a year now.

POTUS said he knew nothing about the event as it happened in real time, it is becoming apparent that Obama, may in fact know all about it, and was using this as a means to cover up heavy weapons activity to the Taliban. After all, if the whistle blowers are dead who can tell right?

As more stories are leaking out we are finding that a C-130 may have been flying over head and was told to not fire on the insurgents. We know that the CIA asset had painted a target that he believed would be taken out. After all, once he painted that target he gave up his position and was killed for that. We have other stories that are still unconfirmed, if true, they are going to tell a huge story that this president is playing politics with the facts. There is real anger rushing out onto the net and these stories are not going away. In fact its gaining momentum even as the president begs people to vote now so Obama can sneak a win in on the people while the facts are obfuscated or just plain hidden.

Just listen to the caller who is ex-military and knows how these events unfold, in real-time, to our commanders.

We all know about the coverup in weapons that were run to Mexico, so the Cartel could carry out its murderous rampage, but this has broader and deeper implications that something covert was going on, and “YOU” are not suppose to know about it.

Do you still believe this was a flash-mob? Or do you believe it was a planned attack?

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