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Sectary Clinton knew Bengazi Consult was attacked “two times” before 911

Ambassador Stevens drug in the ditch after being sexually molested repeatedly.

Reported today the attack on the U.S. Consult was attacked tow times prior before the 911 attack. It seems that Ambassador Stevens sent several cables to the US Security Council and Intelligence that the region had become unstable.

In fact the Red Cross pulled out, and British Ambassador’s car brigade had been attacked months prior to the attack. The compound had been attacked on that facility two times, one with a IUD exploding on the walls.

These cables were sent to the top brass all the way upto Sectary of State Clinton, they had not required additional SST (Special Security Team) just not remove the forces they had. The conspiracy of who or why these security personnel were not provided is the question? They had month of intel, our own Ambassador warned that Alcada had taken a foothold and performing targeted attacks on political key figures native to the area; not to mention they were flying their flags over most of the area.

Now we have learned this event was all captured on tape, the congress has sent a ten page letter to the White House demanding the release of this tape. The Obama administration has played dumb and lied to the American people and the world.

The team that was there to protect Stevens, was split up during the attack and locked themselves into a safe house, basically a jail cell to keep people from getting in. Once you lock yourself into this cage you have to rely on rescue forces to relieve the pressure and free you. These attackers used diesel to burn them into their own coffin, but they escaped. The agents get into a car but lost Stevens, they headed to another that come under fire were two agents died and Stevens was rushed to a hospital by natives where he died.

The people here are mad as hell about how this administration attempted to cover this up, now their case is unraveling days before the election. Obama mentioned the word “terror” in a speech the next day, but the context it was used in didnt excoriate the heinous cabal; instead they blamed a youtube video to deflect the truth stating this for 14 days until the truth leaked out.

The scary part of all this, a person is sitting in jail who was accused of making a video that sparked this riot. In a country the respects “freedom of speech” this administration has imprisoned a person under trumped up charges. Obama will do anything to deflect the responsibility.

It is now predicted that Romney, will win in a “landslide” and the Electoral College will swing heavily in his favor.

This election will go down in history as the American spirit making a huge com back to triumph over statism, proving conservative capitalism will beat down social oppression.

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