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Neberu or Planet X: Why is this secrete?

Second sun seen in smokey skies over Las Vegas, Nevada

In early July 2013, firefighters battled wildfires in northern and southern Nevada. Smoke and ash from the wildfires that wafted into the Las Vegas area made for poor air quality and generally uncomfortable conditions for the populace. However, the smoky skies made an excellent backdrop for this capture of a Planet X, second-sun sighting. .

The Planet X (Nibiru) complex near the sun can clearly be seen in the smoky Las Vegas skies. As Planet X advances, images of the Second Sun are being photographed worldwide. And, as it gets closer, the number of second sun pictures like the one in this article, will increase.

Could it be the time has come to let the public at large in on the Planet X (Nibiru) secret so that they, like the so-called elite, can prepare themselves for what lies ahead?

Have you dismissed the 2012 event, we always hear such conflicting stories but this is something I have not heard about till today.

Makes me want to huge my kids and get a girlfriend.

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