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4 Billion Dollars Gov Spending v. Big Bird

Why are we spending 4 Billion dollars a day to fund things like Big Bird when PBS make millions

As we head towards the physical cliff LIBERALS are going to march at the nations capitol to protest the cuts to PBS, a tax payer funded channel. The people who do not want these cuts are oblivious to the looming disaster that is impinged  among us all.

The US government is pending 4 BILLION DOLLARS A DAY RIGHT NOW.

Watching the special on Fox News with Neil Cuvato he is currently interviewing CEO major players in the market getting their take on this looming problem, and it looks very bleak. So bad that we are heading towards a double dip recession that will effect every person that lives in the US.

Take a look at Greece, they are rioting in the streets now, this will only get worse as time progresses. Here is the kicker, the EU was just awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? What the hell is going on here?

What we have is a problem that has pitted social welfare as the answer to problems forgetting capitalism as the only way to get back on track with a slow economy.

The current view is the Bond Market is going to implode, once that happens we will see this meltdown ripple through the world and stagnate the global economy. American investment has been the glue to the world economy, once that glue has lost adhesion things will unravel exponentially.

This means that other countries that put their money in the US will go broke. When that happens the riots in Greece will be in all the other countries that have nothing to do with the USA, except they are going to suffer much more in the long run.

Look at all the people that want to move or visit the US, they will not be able to move here, they will not be able to spend money like they use to. Money will lose so much value you can have a truck load of paper and not worth shit.

I can tell you this, people here are scared. They are not spending money, going out to dinner, or even having kids.

When you spend 4 billion a day, borrowing that money from China to pay for Big Bird, where is the logic in that? How long can that go on?

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