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White House BANNS Fox News from Conference Call about Benghazi today…why?

Obama holds his nuts during the pledge.

Today the White House had a conference call about the attack on the US Embassy in Benghazi.

They had all the major news corespondents all there except one FOX NEWS.

It was just reported today how they snubbed Fox News and wouldn’t allow them on the call so they can determine if all the comments were adding up, but they were not allowed to have that chance. This proves the coverup is real and #nobama is doing all he can to keep the truth from the people.

This is just another reason that #Nobama is controlling the news media to keep all the facts out of public scrutiny.

Now that #romney2012 has pulled into the lead on all the polls nationwide, you can see the panic in the White House.

Here is what #nobama has to say about his nebbish debate and what he has been countering with for a week now.

“Big Bird is being attacked and he is going to stand up for our feathered friend”.

Now all the stump speeches he has given has mentioned big bird not one talked about the economy, jobs, or foreign relations. Is that all you got Mr. President?

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