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Ambassador Stevens was “GAY” why are the liberals not upset about intollerance?

Ambassador Stevens was GAY.

Now this is proof positive that the #nobama Administration is falling off the cliff. They have a fag represent the US and put other military personal in danger because of what? A fag that has no respect from a radical cult hell bent on killing others that refuse to succumb to their practices. Fags should be pissed, liberal media exposing intolerance towards sexual freedoms and basic outcry for respecting others practices. Some body needs to slap the American people and tell them to “wake up” THIS IS WAR. It has been reported he was raped before and after he died, he was raped to death.

Ambassador Stevens was GAY.

The Sectary of State Hilleary Clinton, who personally knew the Ambassador Stevens, an “openly gay” man into a country that, practices a “religion” that has zero tolerance for fags.

This coumb-byaa feeling Obama wanted to talk about is flat, without any substance, full of double-talk blabber that tap dances on prevarications. We have seen a man whose soul reason to bring us down as a nation while he defends unions, socialism and equality to dire new lows.

We have seen this president change this country and when he is gone that all we will have is change, not dollars.

American has enemies and they practice this Muslim faith that is very extreme, how extreme?

They will agree to perform sodomy, (a practice they abhor) so the anal cavity can be expanded large enough to pack a bigger load? This brings up a serious question, isn’t that a double standard?

Now to have a religion (that hates Christianity) and openly stats they want to kill Americans. Brings up the serious question are we going to let this happen?

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