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47% of America will not vote for Romney “The break down”

Gold is going higher each day as the dollar goes down.

So the media is bashing #romney2012 for what he said about the 47% of people that will vote for #nobama.

What does this mean?

What Romney, said was the people that scam the system and take money from the government will not vote for him, yea we know that.

After all we know these people who want to get a check for sitting around not working and work for public unions are not in favor for reform, we can agree if your a sane person.

Here are the facts, the economy is crap, more people are not working, we have amassed more debt in the shortest amount of time in history, freedom is on the verge of turning into a socialist way of life, more government with the greatest amount of regulations ever, and all in the name of fairness?

When you wake up one day and see that your future has been sold out what will you do then?

We have one shot to restore the freedom of physical responsibility and free markets, only if we elect a person who will stand up for our rights.

#nobama has stated he wants to redistribute money so everyone has a fair shot, but that has been obfuscated with the truth, we all want good things but not at the expense of freedom.


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  1. Patriot333
    September 20, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    If democrats did’nt lie, cheat and scam their way into office they would cease to exist. Paying for votes by taking your hard earned money and handing it to the “poor” is just another underhanded tactic they employ to stay in power. They have good reason to slow the economy, the more “poor” they create, the more votes they can buy.

    • September 20, 2012 at 11:51 pm

      You are a true American, thanks for your post

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