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List of Republican Actors not all of Hollyweird is corrupt.

We are republicans and we are right

We always hear about how liberal Hollywood and celebrities are, but there are lots of conservative and Republican celebrities. I was aware of some of the more obvious ones, like Robert Duvall, Dennis Miller, Ben Stein, Kelsey Grammer, and Adam Sandler, but I discovered there were a lot more. I began comprising a list, which I’ve included below. Some of these won’t surprise you at all, while some probably will. I’m not sure how old the information is that I used to make the list. Some of these people could have changed their views or political party affiliations.

Conservative/Republican Celebrities

Actors, TV, Stage, and Writers

Danny Aiello

Kim Alexis

Scott Baio

Stephen Baldwin

Jim Belushi

Delta Burke

James Caan

Dean Cain

Kirk Cameron

Drew Carey

Jim Caviezel

Tom Clancy

Mary Higgins Clark

Robert Conrad

Clive Cussler

Tony Danza

Bo Derek

Walt Disney

Shannon Doherty

Robert Downey, Jr.

Hilary Duff

Clint Eastwood

James Ellroy

Jamie Farr

Clark Gable

Bob Gale

Vincent Gallo

Andy Garcia

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Mel Gibson

Kelsey Grammer

Angie Harmon

Patricia Heaton

Charlton Heston

William Holden

Bob Hope

Dennis Hopper

John Hughes

Rachel Hunter

Victoria Jackson

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

Andrew Klavan

Dean Koontz

Larry the Cable Guy

Heather Locklear

David Lynch

Billy Mays

Dr. Phil McGraw

Dennis Miller

Chuck Norris

Fess Parker

Dennis Prager

Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Joan Rivers

Kurt Russell

Adam Sandler

Ricky Schroder

Tom Selleck

Ron Silver

Gary Sinise

Jessica Simpson

Jaclyn Smith

Sylvester Stallone

Ben Stein

Rip Torn

Vince Vaughn

Jon Voight

Sela Ward

John Wayne

Cindy Williams

Bruce Willis

James Woods

David Zucker


50 Cent

Trace Adkins


Beach Boys

Brooks and Dunn

Kenny Chesney

Alice Cooper

Cowboy Troy

Daddy Yankee

Charlie Daniels

Destiny’s Child


Gloria Estefan

Sara Evans

Jose Feliciano

Amy Grant

Lee Greenwood

Sammy Hagar

Alan Jackson

Naomi Judd

Kid Rock

LL Cool J

Nick Lachey

Martina McBride

Reba McEntire

Meat Loaf

Wayne Newton

Ted Nugent

Marie Osmond

Kellie Pickler

John Popper (Blues Traveller)



Johnny Ramone

John Rich

LeAnn Rimes

Jon Secada

Daize Shayne

Ricky Skaggs

Gene Simmons

Frank Sinatra

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Britney Spears

Connie Stevens


Taylor Swift

Randy Travis

Travis Tritt

Carrie Underwood

Lee Ann Womack

Gretchen Wilson


Troy Aikman

Mario Andretti

Greg Anthony

Charles Barkley

Carlos Beltran

Johnny Bench

Jerome Bettis

Craig Biggio

Bobby Bowden

Tom Brady

George Brett

Martin Brodeur

Dick Butkus

Harry Carson

Gary Carter

Mark Chmura

Bryan Clay

Roger Clemens

Johnny Damon

Mike Ditka

Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Dennis Eckersley

John Elway

Brett Favre

Rollie Fingers

Carlton Fisk

Luis Gonzalez

Dorothy Hamill

Bo Jackson

Derek Jeter

Jimmy Johnson

Magic Johnson

Deacon Jones

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

Jim Kelly

Matt Kenseth

Steve Kerr

Don King

John Malkovitch

Karl Malone

Peyton Manning

Dan Marino

Don Mattingly

Mark McGwire

Shawn Michaels

Cheryl Miller

Joe Montana

Anthony Munoz

Dale Murphy

Jack Nicklaus

Arnold Palmer

Mike Piazza

Richard Petty

Mary Lou Retton

Cal Ripken, Jr.

Brooks Robinson

Alex Rodriguez

Nolan Ryan

Joe Sakic

Pete Sampras

Gayle Sayers

Curt Schilling

Jason Sehorn

Mike Shanahan

Don Shula

Ozzie Smith

Chris Spielman

Roger Staubach

Lynn Swann

Tim Tebow

Joe Theismann

Mike Tice

Bobby Valentine

Herschel Walker

Reggie White

Dave Winfield

Steve Yzerman

Barry Zito

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