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Fox News Sunday vs. Meet the Press can you see the biased coverage?

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Watching how the news was covered Sunday morning, proves bias again on Meet the Press so lets break it down compared to Fox News.

Susan Rice Ambassador to the UN was on both stations today. When she was asked by David Gregory he didn’t press her on policy like Mike Wallace did, and she was uncomfortable even agitated by Mike’s questions. She said this was a response to a video 3x on Meet the Press and stated that same quote 5x on Fox News. Most of her comments were homogenous stating this was a “spontaneous response” disregarding an Al Queda attack that was coordinated. It is apparent that heavy weapons fire was used along with RPG and mortar fire. Not to mention beat back any military response from the Libyan government.  She further stated “they have no intelligence to act upon” to change the course of action. What shocked me was this is not a “policy to containment” this action. Also, Rice stated “this is not a hostile attitude towards America”. Now that is laughable, of course they hate us they say it all the time… When Chris Wallace asked Rice, if she truly believed this was all sparked by a video she said definitely it was, now that sounds to me like an Obama talking point since there is no positive proof that Muslims have even seen this movie.Rice seems very angered Wallace keep pressing her and she tried 3x to interrupt him before he could even ask his questions.

Mike Rodgers, House Intelligence Committee chairman, said he is not sure that is the case at all. Since it is apparent that heavy weapons were used and it was coordinated in so many other Embassies at the same time. He further agreed that conditions needs to be addressed and no apologies should be made.

The real story was how the main stream media attacked Romney and not even asked Obama the same questions, but since Obama wouldn’t take any questions proves he is unable to get his answers straight or even have an answer.

The pundits were all on to give their opinions on what each person should say or how they should say it and the bias was apparent.

First NBC’s pundits:

David Gregory called it a flashpoint and grilled Benjamin Netanyahu to turn it into a political issues asking 3x if Obama had been tossed under the bus by Romney, he refused to opine on that topic and stated several times that Iran is 6 months away from getting nukes, Rice refused to acknowledge this fact saying “the prime minister is not correct”. Since Netanyahu lives on the other side of the border of Iran he has a better idea than a political pundit working for Obama. The Prime Minister, also said do you want these radicals to have nuclear weapons? Look at what hey did to your Embassy and said they hate you just like they do Israel..

Keith Ellison (D) the first Muslim voted to congress said Obama has been steady and consistent, saying the Arab Spring was an ongoing problem that will last for years and to pull all funding would be a disaster. Also that Netanyahu needs to be careful in what he is saying.

Peter King (R) Obama went on a apology tour in 09 and that Obama tossed Netanyahu under the bus.

Bob Woodward (CBS contributor) said the intel is not correct 90% of the time during his 40 years of reporting. Really I find that very hard to believe, so who does he trust Obama biased reports?

Andrea Mitchell (CBS contributor) Led off with statement about Bush saying “he was much worse”, Arab Spring hard to handle, Romney misspoke and this could be a rebound for Obama. Since she is in the pocket for Obama I am not surprised at all about her comments…

Jeff Goldberg (NBC contributor) Arabs don’t fear US and under Bush they attacked during 911 so fearing the US is not part of the equation, and debates over red lines should be discussed by Obama.

Now Fox News pundits had a little different take and were not so kind to Obama and were not impressed with the attacks by the main stream media on Romney.

Brett Hume (Fox News contributor) Obama’s policy looks ragged and a novice since the speech he made in 09 was appeasement to Muslims, that we need to show more power and force since that is what these people respect and if this was an Al Queda attack it would be viewed as a success and Obama foreign policy a failure, and that Romney needs to present a clean policy with alternatives to show Americans what he would do different.

Bill Crystal (Fox News contributor) said Obama policy needed to learn something from this and that the White House Press Sectary, who said this was all about a movie was premature at best, not only that they are sending in the FBI to investigate this but are not able to get into the compound since it is still to dangerous and looks like a serious problem even before 911. Romney needs to get back to the positives to get his numbers back up in the polls.

Jeff Zeley (Fox News contributor) said Obama looks vulnerable to questions to questions on security of Embassies and his speech in 09 was naive at best, and his rest needs a reset.

Liz Marlantez (Fox News contributor) said Obama is suffering from inflated confidence and Romney needs to focus on turning this around to the positives.

AS you can see this is two completely different takes since on channel protects Obama and the other will spank both candidates equally. Fox news didn’t give Romney any breaks; they spoke harshly about what they want to see and hear to get answers to questions that are pertinent to the issues. NBC news will pander to protect Obama and disregard the hard questions so show their candidate is doing all he can.

Obama = #fail

As more people watch the movie 2016 you get the feeling that Obama will not uphold American values but give lip service, the main stream media have been bashing it and Hollywood is struck in awe in dealing with the success of this movie.

What are your values? Do you support liberals and what they stand for? If you do then you are for gays, abortion, bigger government, higher taxes, less freedom and self reliance.

These are not what Christians stand for, since 80% of Americans believe in GOD you can’t be for killing babies and gays and still be a Christian.

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