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“Alla” the Muslim profit is a murderous stupid religion and deserve to DIE!!!


If you want to see a war on women then go to Egypt, Iran, or any other Muslim state and see how they are treated.

See if you have freedom of speech and choice. This is for the libtards that CRY about stupid beliefs that would not be accepted anywhere except in America. So be glad you have a right to bitch like a little girl and cry about abortion and birth control.

These extreme Muslims are sick people that have a faith that states “if you don’t believe in our faith you should DIE”.

What kind of religion has a policy like that…none that I know of except murders.

If this administration want to obfuscate the truth and hide behind words are just as guilty as these Muslim idiots.

#nobama has no clue about how to handle these killers, in fact DEMS want to talk?

What is going on here? We need to write our Congress men and demand they stop funding ALL overseas programs that channel monies to these countries; plus we need to stop all travel to all the countries that support Muslims and all that they stand for. We need to use our voice and wallet to show we will not tolerate these fools any longer.

Can you talk with a cold blooded killer that cuts peoples heads off on a video to show they are in power?

We need to KILL these people before they KILL us. If we were to go to all out WAR I will be the first to vote all in.

Romney told the American people exactly what needs to happen, and the libtards in the press want to crucify him for his statements.

I agree with you Romney we need a stronger military and if these Muslim idiots kill one more American we should go and hunt them down like a rabid  dog and shot it in the head.

Kill these people before they kill any more of us….This is WAR and if you want to hide from the truth…YOU WILL DIE FIRST..

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