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Michelle Obama said “My dad got a loan to pay for a loan” debt is the answer

My dad got a loan to pay for a loan so I can get a loan, this is how America works.

I have finally figured out why the #nobama’s actually believe what they are doing is right and good for the country.

When I heard Michelle speak last night at the convention it became clear that they believe you can’t do it on your own, you have to have help by the government and they live that lie.

When Michelle said her dad had to get a loan to pay for a loan that summed up their ideology that you have to be in debt to get ahead. Not just a little debt but up to your eyeballs in debt, to the point your paying the rest of your life.

She was bragging that it took half her adult life to pay off a loan and everyone should have that opportunity.

Is that the American way?

I don’t think so, if you want to get a loan that is just one way, you can still work and pay it off. But not in their view.

We should all go into massive debt in hopes that we can get a better job, or have a shot at the dream of being successful. That’s not what I want to teach my kids. If they were so smart why didn’t they get a full ride scholarship?

What about small business owners who don’t need a law degree to fix a house, car, etc.. Are they suppose to go into massive debt.

Well if you believe as the dems do, we should all get a loan, to pay for a loan, so our kids can get a loan; then you have given up on independence and freedom from debt.

The whole dems platform is now geared to student loans, cause the minorities are broke…well so are white people.

This just shows how they are playing the race card, they are saying that whites have the advantage over everyone else, this is a total lie.

Michelle Obama believes in getting loans and debt is a good thing, this is a false premise and conjecture, massive debt is not a good thing. There is still a thing called working to pay for your schooling, but this society (dems) tell you someone else should pay for it so you can benefit. That is not what the constitution gave people.

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