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“Obamanation” the newest painting that is going viral

Obamanation a painting that is going viral

The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is expected to be a real nasty campaign next week. So far the dems have already come out to bash #romney2012 and smear his character, and talk about his likeability as compared to the campaigner in chief.

Since #nobama is unable to talk about his record all he can do is talk about his #romney2012, this is how they will attack, smear, and divide, nothing unusual from the dems.

I wonder what these people (dems) really think about?

Do they really believe that bigger government, higher taxes, and less freedom is the American way?

I have talked with a few people on the other side and they all say the same thing, they blame Bush, and spew hate. I would like to know what happened to these people; I mean did they get brainwashed by liberal professors or do they just hang out in closed circles?

These people are like spoiled kids that need a time out, how would you like to be around people that complain and back bite all the time.

People will get tired of being around negative people, I don’t care where you live or what country your from, nobody likes downer people. So the more these people talk about others and not offer solution the more the masses will turn on them.

Americans have went to war, fought oppressions from various dictators, seen how communism ruined people and countries, yet the dems will say “freedom and free markets” are not what they believe in.

So what do these people believe in?

Do they think all republicans want wars, the rich to get richer and poor get poorer, dirtier air/water, big bank bailouts and people losing their homes? I can tell you that is not what republicans want at all.

Republicans want freedom; we want everyone to succeed to be successful, for everyone to make a good living and be able to take care of their families. We want the best for all walks of life, and the most of all we want “freedom”. To be free of government control that invade our life’s with excess taxes.

So what do these dems really want?

Higher taxes, bigger government, more regulations, and less freedom?

When I hear #nobama speak he is stumbles with his speeches now, walking around issues, careful not to say the wrong thing. This is a man standing on principles that are not American and only the fringe can cheer his words, but they are hesitating, not sure if what he is saying is what they are hearing.

Now that 2016 has came out many people are really starting to wonder if this man is talking about their views, or his.

We don’t know for sure, that is why #noabam is talking small talk without substance on issues for one reason.

WE don’t really know what #nobama is talking about would the people stand behind him, I don’t think they will.

I give the American people more credit than the liberal media will, and that is why the dems are afraid.

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