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Newt Gingrich spanks “Meet the Press” (liberal media) on Social Issues of Planned Parenthood

Newt Gingrich sole the show on Meet the Press on social issues

Rahm Emanuel ex-White House Chief of Staff, was on with David Gregory, said there is nothing remarkable about the speech of Romney at the GOP convention, only talking about Clint Eastwood. All they can say is that is over shadowing saying it was bizarre and counterproductive. He was not talk about obama’s record, instead talking about general motors’ is alive (yet they have lost over 30% of value at least) and Bin laden is dead, any person would have pulled the trigger on that man. The liberals are talking about homes and economy is not better off, blaming it on Washington. This is back to class warfare.

Then Gregory, flashed a new poll about how the voters felt about the economy, and 69% of the polling on NBC/Wall street’s Journal’s, own poll shows we are worse off.

Emanuel stated that #romneyryan2012, wanted a debate but not talking about a plan, and that Eastwood stole the show. Turning it around saying Eastwoods speech was not about #nobama but Romney. Were they not paying attention to what Eastwood said?

Clint Eastwood shook up the liberals and they have to call him a distraction.

Emanuel said 4 million privet sector jobs were added, so why are all business men and women coming out against the president?

When Emanuel was asked about the shootings in Chicago (in Emanuel’s city) he said, “Crime is down 10%”, and “we need to add more cops, and this is a crisis being contained”. Funny this is the same person who said the Chick-Fli-A does not represent the values of Chicago, what values do you have Mr. Mayor? This is the city that has the tightest guns laws in the nation. Emanuel has even asked the thugs to take their violence to the alleys so they don’t shoot its citizens.

David Gregory was smoked by Newt Gingrich

Gregory was leading off the next segment about Eastwood over shadowing the GOP convention again. Is this the talking points of his news show?

Then he had a big laugh with Tom Brokaw, showing a clip of Jon Stewart, and his apoplectic comments Eastwood talking to a chair on the biggest night of GOP. Nice plug the Daily Show.

Tom Brokaw (D) said the main thing is “show me the money” that is what the people want. Then Gregory had to press the issue about what Eastwood. Tom was laughing about this and saying it was a total distraction; talking about his routine. Saying if a dems had done this it would have lit up FOX NEWS and Rush Limbaugh. Yet the dems do this all the time, and lie about the facts. He said to Fioria, with all due respect, Congressman Ryan overreached on some of his facts, she disputed that conjecture. Saying that social issues are huge and not embraced by women on the GOP platform; since he said he lives with all women they have influenced his agenda now.


Newt spanks Meet the Press and the #libtards at their own game Planned Parenthood

Newt Gingrich, (R) slammed #Nobama, and Emanuel, said that we believe in free enterprise and right to work”. Saying the jobs report will be the biggest point in the coming weeks after these conventions. Gingrich had publically blocked #nobama’s plan saying he was getting all the spending he wanted and it failed. Then when Gingrich was in office he proposed a plan for energy reform, one third of dems voted for these reforms without raising taxes; and the briefing they put out on N.Dakota blew the dems away on energy independence and major royalties and taxes they brought in. This was 20 years ago.

Then Gingrich, smoked the libtards, on the social issue (he was furious about the liberal news bias) and it was hard for the dems to defend the partial birth abortion that are tax payer funded when a baby is killed in the 8th and 9th month. #NObama passed 3 bills to support partial birth abortion and that left Brokaw and the other libtards speechless saying they couldn’t comment on this show, they were just reporters. But they are paid to give their opinion, so why are they speechless? They couldn’t defend this and looked stupid and slack jawed. That ended the show and it was the best debate on a record they can’t defend.

Newt said if they talk about social issues we win, if they talk about the economy we win. They have nothing they can defend.

Carly Fioria, (R) a business woman on the show, is for the pipeline and bashed obama who was against it, we need the pipeline and said Emanuel (when interviewed) ran away from these issues. Obama tried to pass a budget that all the dems and GOP voted down (100%, not one vote for his plan), that is a total failure on his part. Now what are the dems going to present in their convention?

Will the dems have a plan or go back to what they can only talk about, using adjectives not substance.

Talking about the gender gap she said, the women leaders that spoke at the GOP, are powerful and that the women are not single issue voters just about abortions, they care about all the major issues and the economy was first and foremost the main problem. Gregory kept pressing it was a platform issue trying to pin what a rogue congress man said about “rape” even though all GOP leaders repudiated his comments and it’s a platform agenda.

She retorted, saying we are not all about abortion and that will not drive women to the polls, it will be the ability to feed their kids and take care of their families that will drive them to vote this time.

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