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Clint Eastwood slams #Nobama “Go Ahead… Make My Day”

Go Ahead… Make My Day…

Clint Eastwood has shaken up hollyweird and really upset the left like no other. This is the best thing for the actors to be able to come out and say what they really want to say.

It’s a fact that actors have to “FEAR” what they say or else they they will not be able to get work, that is a form of “career hostage slavery”.

This is how the left are, they have to hold you hostage in fear and suppress you in order to remain on power, so much for the left being able to be tolerant.

Now the Eastwood has come out more and more are doing the same.

#eastwood will be trending in social media for weeks, and this has #nobama rally worried, they can’t talk about tax returns and other trivial crap.

#eastwood has always been my hero, in fact I like him so much when I was younger I would use his name as passwords.

#romneyryan2012 have the most powerful person in #hollywood on their side, so they are on the right side of history. Unlike the dems who have nothing but back biting and bitching to make a case.

I have been talking to a new friend and pastor, he is hopeful this country will turn around for everyone’s sake, including  our kids.

I tell him I really think the American people are smarter than what the left give them credit for, I truly believe people will come out in a landslide vote for #romneyryan2012 and bring this country back on course that we all know, and why others come here from other countries.

This is what this country is about, a nation of immigrants that want “FREEDOM” and a better way of life.

Clint Eastwood was great, unscripted, and honest; he didn’t care what hollyweird has to say. He is the man… and they have to bow down to the greatest icon since John Wayne, and don’t you know John was proud..

That is what #clinteastwood has given to the people here, hope that we will do the right thing and “make my day”

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