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John Voight Endorses the Movie 2016 saying “You must see this Movie”

John Voight endorses 2016 saying “You must see this movie”

As I was watching the RNC last night, flipping back and forth from Fox News to Fox Business, I saw John Voight on with Neil Cuvato. I was actually shocked to see him on there. I really thought he was a bleeding liberal, but to my surprise he was a hard core republican, that made me feel good to know.

He was talking with Cuvato and talking about the Romney Ryan ticket calling it a “Godsend”, and that we need these people in the white house. I was very excited to hear that coming from the Hollywood side, and from a real leading actor of many generations.

Then Cuvato asked him what about supporting republicans that in doing so he would most likely not get any work, since the liberals are in charge of Hollywood. He said he didn’t care if they wouldn’t hire him for any films anymore, he had a great career plus he felt this election was too important to let pass without his support.

He also said tht if he did lose his job that it was not a big deal, but when a man with 5 kids looses his job it was a big deal.

Voight also said that people think #nobama was considered cool, but ask Hillary what she thought when they were competing for the job back in 2007, she called him a thug; nobody knew anything about #nobama and we have seen what a person can do that has no experience. How #noabama has cause the military to suffer and this economy.

Then Voight came out and said how he had seen the Movie 2016, and recommends that everyone go see this movie, that the mainstream media will not report the truth and it’s up to each person to go and take the time to find out who #nobama really is.

Voight also said that Hollywood does has some very gifted actors, but they are “Hippocrits”. Saying these holly-weird companies brag about wanting higher taxes but go to other states to shoot movies for one reason, TAX BREAKS….

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