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Clint Eastwood eats liberals for breakfast..

Do you feel lucky punk.

Jaun Williams on Fox News Sunday sure looked nervous and acted defensive, wonder what his problem was? Is he and the dems getting scared they are losing?

All I can hear from them is a real basic problem they have to face. They have no plan and are in defensive mode, knowing they can’t run on a record is one thing; the real problem they have is they have no plan to show what they are going to do.

I had read a blog the dems have today, it was shocking to see how they really think.

A woman, had real hated for white people, calling them the “white elders”, was only half of it.

They talked about a decrease in the white population to call out a minority allegiance to rise up against “whitey” basically, they called it a demographics shift. Hoping that the blacks and latins will gang up in the dems party.

Saying things such as the “Constitution and Free markets” are not the way they see any form of democracy, in fact, it was a lame but extreme form of anarchy in the form of nihilism.

These people are not for a free society, they are brainwashed into thinking big business is a problem, that free economies are bad. It was laughable, the things they are enjoying are the very same things they hate.

I should have copied it so you could read it, but that conjecture is pure lunacy. They want to blame everything on progress, yet they are blogging on their laptop while sipping on something in the comfort of a home.

They are not the poor, cold, and hungry. They are the complainers that create strife and division. Labeling the GOP as some radical party with extreme haters of some sort.

Again lies the problem they can’t defend, lies about people that will not bend to the values (or lack of) they have. So they lash out in anger like spoiled kids that have no control of their own actions. When you have to blame the “elders” that they are going to spank you for acting out like a child, maybe their is a reason?

It’s time to show the dems why they are on the wrong side of history.

How can a group of musicians come together and protest “fracking” drilling for oil that will do 3 things. Get millions of people working, cheaper energy while generating millions in tax revenue.

What is UN-American about prosperity?

David Burns, Uma Therman, The B-52’s and a host of others of these liberal dems are rich, they don’t have a plan that will create that wealth for common Americans. They can try to dictate to political officials and if these elected people don’t fulfill the need of the masses; then they will be fired and the real #teaparty and #gop2012 will step up and vote the common person in office.

What really sucks is I paid good money to see David Burns in Austin, but I will not be able to support these people again. They lost my business and support for life… How dare these people not want my kids to have a good life!!!

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