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ATEP (Alien Transfer Exit Program) Exposed how #Nobama lied about Illegal Deportation

WE don’t deport just ask about our new #nobama program called ATEP, and you can move to another state for free on tax payers dollars and not be deported..

I was listening to Lou Dobbs (Fox News) yesterday and he talked about #nobama has been touting that he has deport more illegal aliens than any other president in history, claiming 240K since 2009.

Except there is some fuzzy math going on with these states, in fact that number is much lower but here is how they make the claim. In fact it’s estimated about 19% lower than the numbers reported and what the president is saying in campaign speeches today. The numbers may be even much lower (down to 160K) but this conjecture can’t be confirmed due to the fuzzy math that we are hearing from this administration.

There is a new agency (yet again more government) that has create a program called ATEP (Alien Transfer Exit Program), what they are doing is counting deporting illegal’s out of a state, or area, but here is the obfuscation of these specious facts.

When agents capture an illegal alien they are deporting them to another state, not out of the country.

When they are removed from say Texas and sent to California they are counted as deported?

So once again this is how the #nobama administration has lied to the American people telling them they are doing a great job, yet all they are doing is moving people from state to state, not out of the country.

As ICE agents have to sue the #nobama administration to do their job, they are forced to let these illegal’s go free, this has these agents actually breaking federal law by doing so. Here is the problem; they are sworn to duty to uphold the law, yet no matter what they do they are breaking either one law or the other.

This is typical government politics to have one law in direct conflict with another law.

When the #gop2012 win this election we need to hold these elected officials accountable to protect our borders, while deporting these law breakers to the country where they came from.

All the 25 million illegal’s that broke the laws are now put before all the people that have filed the correct paperwork, paid hard earned money, and waited to be here legally.

These are the people that should be angry to have a president put them behind lawbreakers that don’t care to do the right thing.

When our government is spending 4 billion a day just to operate, how long do you think we can stay afloat?

This ATEP program is a lie the people need to know about so they can make the right choice in this election.

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  2. August 25, 2012 at 6:48 pm

    I have found from my own experience of personlly knowing and ICE agent that this is true. The moral in ICE is very, very low right now. My friend is seeking a way out to another law enforcement agency. That won’t help the country but it might help him.. He is a West POint graduate who served in the first Desert Storm.

    • August 25, 2012 at 11:14 pm

      This regime in power has lied to, and corrupted good people. How would you like to be legally bound to do a job and also found guilty of a conflicting law on the same thing. AS more and more people come forward in telling the truth or being discovered for fraud and obfuscation, we are going to find that #nobama is on the wrong side of history. #nobama is mincing words, telling you, and me, things that are not what you hear him say. Just think of what he is saying now, what is your version of hope and change versus his version. I bet they are very different, in fact, I know they are. I just saw the movie 2016. It was eye opening to discover his fathers beliefs and what is his version on how he sees the world, based on his teachings of anti-colonialism, basically that is anti-capitalism; or as we know it Communism. I just wrote a blog about it and it will be posted on my site. It really explains what his views are of this country, versus what we grew up to believe. Confusion and chaos = divide and conquer.

      • August 25, 2012 at 11:32 pm

        Good for you! I as well have written a review of the movie. There is so much to say about it but I had to keep it short. I have a liberal audience on my blog and if they don’t get engaged in the first few words, I have lost them. Additionally, which I mention in my article, I have said so much already, they tend to tune me out. I will post my article soon. Take a look at it if you would be so kind. There are two terms that require distinction: Anti-Colonialism, and your term Anti-Capitalism. They go hand in hand but they are different.
        Good work, keep it up.

      • August 25, 2012 at 11:51 pm

        This is the beauty of having a blog like mine, I slam the dems for UN-American, anarchist views of this great nation. If they don’t like the truth about it they can tune out the truth and bury their head in lies and conjecture. When you have the facts it’s like math, 2+2 does equal 4, not whatever you want it to be. It has been proven throughout history, that oppression by government through heavy taxation and regulation is why the people revolt. The difference between American and other nations, we are founded on freedom from oppression of government, that is what the founding fathers wrote up in a small document called a Constitution of the United States.

        We have an obligation to the facts, not obfuscation. Anarchy and nihilism is not conducive to a production society that strives for economic freedom.

  3. August 25, 2012 at 6:24 pm

    Reblogged this on DOA Konsult and commented:
    Very few opinions on the US elections are supported by facts. This is part of my effort to share OBJECTIVE Election 2012 posts. I am a neutral observer 🙂

  4. August 25, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    you gotta check this post out
    Obama is extreme left now!

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