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Obamas speech was flat and hard to sell, the people were not buying it…

Yesterday I had to watch some of #nobama speak just to see what he had to say.

Where are the jobs Mr. President

So let me see if I got this Mr. President; you said if you try you may can get ahead and you have a vision for the future.

Well all perspicacious mentors have told me there is no such thing as try; you either do it or you don’t.

About your vision that is not a plan, #romneyryan2012 has a plan; the thing about a vision is it has no end in sight or a tangible goal set in place.

When I think about a vision it’s like some #fairydust that will magically make you problems go away if you rely on someone else to make it happen.

A vision, really?

What is your vision #nobama anyway, you don’t have a plan only conjecture; yet we are suppose to believe that you plan will lead us to the promise land?

We have had more division in this country than ever before. In fact pundits are saying that after this election this country will be more divided than ever before. Is that your vision #nobama?

Then the famous saying “we need to invest”, so now invest = taxes.

Then he said we need “more government and regulations” to protect the water and air. No Mr. President we don’t need more regulations to stifle economic growth to feed this avaricious, rapacious government that takes from the people.

Here is a famous quote from David Crockett “When government is big enough to give you everything you want, it’s also big enough to take everything you have”

#romneyryan2012 will have a mess to clean up, only a conservative can make this happen and put a plan in place to unite this division the administration has caused, we have been pushed back 40 years in race relations due to Obama, that is a vision we can’t live with.

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