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Generation X in the White House

When #paulryanvp and #romney win the White House it will be a special day for me.

Finally a person from my generation that has strong values on cutting the budget and spending will be on control.

It’s time to make a change that we can see, these career politicians have had their way long enough, their spending (like drunken sailors) our future away has to stop in order for our children to have a succeed.

I don’t get why the politicians that were elected don’t listen to the people that voted them into office. Soon as they get there it’s a buddy system that only benefits them and we the people suffer and we are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

The babyboomer generation in office is corrupt, dishonest and will flat out lie; or as I like to say obfuscate the truth with conjecture.

Generation X will have to clean up the mess left by our drunken spending leaders that have only one goal in mind – to get what they can and the hell with the rest.

Only a physical conservative can make this happen, liberal democrats want to spread the wealth and give all the money to people that don’t work or make a vital contribution to society. That will not work in a civilization; try as they may it will only go broke.

If you think liberalism has the answer then ask yourself this; is communism a good model? That is a form of the liberal philosophy. To spread the wealth around so all are equal, after all, you want to be fair right? Then why don’t you move to Russia and see how that works for you?

I don’t mind a balance of equal rights that is what this country is founded on, but the government seems to think it has to control what you do, and tax you for it. That is not right or fair..

When will people take a stand to protect the freedom they have while standing on their own feet?

Do you have to have the government tell you how to act, treat others, have morals, or perspicacious values about business, and why doesn’t everyone want to own a small business. Are you afraid of failure?

I have had s small business all my life, the only reason I have failed was people I dealt with knew how to milk the system and steal from you. A person can only take so much until they have to fold up the tent and move on down the road. Does that mean I am not willing to start again? I can tell you NO. I will start again but this time I will not depend on others, they will have to pull their weight or drop off the vine.

You can tell the difference between leaders and followers, leaders will take the challenge head on and deal with problems. Followers are afraid of change, confrontations, problems, and responsibilities.

Just look at Donald Trump, he filed bankruptcy and was flat on his face, but he started over and is doing even better now. Some people say failure is a good thing; you learn from the mistakes so that will not happen again. I can say it’s not easy starting over, you feel worthless and look like a failure.

That is life, you have to have the intestinal fortitude to pick yourself up, dust off your clothes and try it again. Just think, Edison failed thousands of times before he invented the light bulb – what if he quit before he made it?

Like the old saying goes “you can’t bake a cake without cracking some eggs”

If you want to succeed then you have to vote for #romnyeryan2012 if your for small business and freedom.

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