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Tougher immigration laws leads to American prosperity

If you think states like Alabama and Arizona are not getting tougher on illegal’s then you haven’t been paying attention.

Since these states have passed bills that will not allow illegal’s to get government handouts things are looking better.

Here are the numbers:

The jobless claims are down, way down, in fact 42K Americans have found a job in Alabama.

Arizona will not allow illegal’s to get a driver’s license or food stamps, good for them. Why do we Americans have to pay for people that are law breakers?

Welfare claims are way down, so much they are waiting on the numbers.

I know here in Texas I have been complaining about illegal’s for years, I even went to the local police to file a complaint and was dismissed like some school child bitching about my sucker being stolen.

In fact the cops know full well how many illegal’s are around each day, we have a tax funded building built to house these people during the day so they can get a job. They are called day labor and line up by the hundreds each month to work.

Are you telling me the local cops don’t know, of course they do. When I filed my compliant I got the standard answer, it not a local issue it’s a federal issue. Yet nothing gets done about it.

How many people are not able to get a job because of these practices, I would say hundreds each month.

Why do our politicians let this happen? I think they want cheap labor and pander to certain groups. The boarder has been like a sieve; yet they all know this and refuse to close it down to protect the citizens of America.

When illegal’s are allowed to break the law then why should we vote for these jerks. In fact it has been reported that if your pulled over you should say no habla English to keep from getting a ticket.


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  1. August 19, 2012 at 2:39 am

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  2. August 18, 2012 at 5:29 am

    Don’t stupid politicians realize that illegal immigration can be as big a threat as international terror. No point fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan when extremists can use Mexico to get into your country. Spanish and a Mexican accent aren’t that tough to learn!

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