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Debt rises 4 Billion a day, no worries right?

What Problem

How bad is the spending when you think about the federal deficit?

Lets just look at a break down that will scare you, if you are really concerned about the future of this country.

We spend more on interest than most nations spend in a year, but lets just look at the numbers.

Every 15 minutes we spend 42 million or 127 million per hour.

How about 4 billion a day with the interest costing 240 billion a year.

If the interest rate was to go up just 1% it would cost 1 trillion dollars in a year.

This is not taken medicare into account that will cost 5 billion a year and over 850 billion in 10 years if nothing else is done to correct this problem.

If you think #nobama is the answer then you need to vote for him, but only if your against small business, smaller government and less freedom.

I spoke with a guy today and he said he didn’t trust the GOP, before I could get into a conversation with him he jumped into his car and bailed out quick. Sounds to me he has a problem facing facts, but this is why democrats will lose the election.

If you avoid the truth then you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

Ask yourself this; why did #romneyryan2012 raise millions in hours soon as Ryan was put on the ticket? It’s simple; we want to confront the problems that face this country, while dems want to talk about tax returns. #nobama has a problem called the truth.

What do you want to know more about?


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