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If we don’t vote Obama “OUT” we can kiss this country goodby

Got any more bills for me to sign

Economist say this economy may not start to grow until late next year no matter who is in office.

If Romney does win the stock market will pop, and go higher but the physical long term damage is real and deep in this country.

After this election is over you will see people deeply divided and possibly never talking again. #nobama has driven a wedge into this country pitting Americans against each other.

I have an ex-wife that voted for #nobama and still hold a grudge against her for that. It may not be right to do so but that is how passionate I feel about this president.

In the history of this country we have had 43 presidents that totaled 6.3 trillion in total spending, and #nobama has spent 6.5 trillion in 3 years.

We have seen more debt, a destroyed #economy in a shorter time than any other generation in history.

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  1. August 16, 2012 at 8:27 am

    “We have a presidential election coming up. And I think the big problem, of course, is that someone will win.” Nicely said ?.

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