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Democrats = Unions if you want America back you have to “Fire the Unions”

First Step to taking the country back

Bankrupt cities that are due to unions and inside bankers aka Wall Street.

The pensions and benefits are egregious, bloated and just plain wrong. Public workers are out paid compared to privet over 15% overall. The waste, corruption and back deals have compounded to a bursting point.

If we don’t get #RR12 into office so #romneyryan2012 can fix the #economy.

Even #FDR didn’t think public #unions made sense. They work for us therefore couldn’t strike, but they did. A Democratic President let public unions organized. Then #kennedy issued executive privilege gave federal unions permission to form, thus unions were born that could overpower citizens/cities. #publicunion sector took control and went on strike, then #regan fired them all. Now all public unions align with democrats. The SEIU, the largest #motherofall unions outweigh privet sector jobs. #nobama was proud to be aligned with this #wheelsup outfit.

Harrisburg Pa broke and 15 million in debt, and out of money, Democrats voted into office 1986 and there you go. #tcot

San Bernardino Ca. filed for bankruptcy why, public unions pension and salaries. Top cops made 300K and firefighters 130K and pensions to match. All run by unions. Run by #dems

Sacramento Ca. bankrupt I could list many more but you get it now under #dems it’s now going into social collapse. #fuzzymath

We have to elect #romneyryan2012 to save this #economy for our #future. Go team #rr12

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