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#PaulRyanVP will lead America back on track

#romnayryan2012 will win this election

Watching #huckabee talk to coal miners who are Union and traditionally democrat they are not voting for #nobama. This shows that more people are turning to #paulryanvp and the #rr12 ticket than before.

When I watched the introduction this morning I actually had a tear in my eye.

Im a 46yr young male that had lost hope, not to mention everything I use to have. I actually feel like we are going to pull through this for my generation has finally come into power.

#generationX has the chance to re-write history and take back this country form corrupt #babyboomer and career politicians that have bankrupt this #economy.

Now when you hear about stories like #gibsonguitars raided by the #DOJ it just creeps you out. Swat was called in to take their rose wood that makes the fret board were illegal. Claiming that the wood was suppose to be finished by India then shipped here, but the wood was cleared expect the paperwork hung it up.

Now that the fear, courts, public embarrassment and settle (2.4 million in legal fees and 350K in fines) with them on a court case that was unfounded.

This is a public outrage how the government can shut you down, cost you millions and walk away from the charges is spooky.

It’s time the government was shut down, diminished, and put on notice they can’t run all over its own people. #Obama and company have a war on business and now we are at war with them.

#romneyryan2012 will give us the chance to bring this country back to the people, for the people.

WE have to educate the public we are not going to lay down and die, we are Americans.

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  1. August 12, 2012 at 10:32 am

    what a superb choice!incredible!

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