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Earnest & Young Study Prove: Taxing the Rich Kills Jobs and Economy

I lied and they will not stop talking about it, damn Fox News

Proof that “Taxing the Rich” will break America.

Earnest & Young did a report on the Obama tax plan and the effects it will have on the economy, here is the report they concluded. This is a parsimonious institution that is well respected by all major economists.

Once Obama raises taxes over 710K jobs will be lost and the cost of business owners cost will be driven up 900K dollars.

Let’s be clear about this, business will not lose money, they will pass the cost off to you. How?

They will be forced to raise the price of the product or service for one simple reason, they are not going to lose money or else they will shut the doors or cut jobs to save the business, take your pick.

The main stream media will not cover this report; they have too much invested into Obama.

This is apparent by how they report the news that is in stark contrast with #romney2012 overseas performance.

They said about Obama how great of a job he did four years ago, yet 86% of all main stream media report about Romney was negative.

As #obama claims that taxing the rich will help Americans this fact is well distorted; the tax hike is suppose to raise taxes from 35% to 45%, but this fact is not correct. They base the actual tax increase on percentage points and that rate is smaller than 10% overall, something like 3-5% is actual, but this tax increase will affect everyone overall.

That means all people will have to pay overall higher taxes, that is his plan.

Here is another stark fact about food stamps that Obama ignores.

We all know that this administration has turned a blind eye to letting food stamp parties are being promoted in Spanish (costing you tax payer money) to get more Mexicans on food stamps, but here are the facts.

We have a federal law that prohibits anyone who is illegal from getting food stamps for five years, yet 57% of illegal’s are on this program, why is that?

He is pandering to the minority vote and wanting to give away food stamps for votes, fact.

By letting this open boarder policy stand and not deporting illegal’s under 35 from this action.

This is a real problem that is a huge burden to our economy by overloading health care, social programs, and jobs.

Not to mention that 47% of Mexicans want to migrate to America, fact.

This is by design and if you want to turn a blind eye to the numbers you’re just kidding yourself. Obama is in real trouble and the electoral votes are slipping away each day now. As are more seats in the senate are slowly being captured by republicans.

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