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Obama stiff cities “BIG-TIME” during campaign events not paying for special services.

America you can pay my bills for me

Just reported – Obama has been stiffing local cities on all the expenses incurred during his visits/fundraisers events in his campaign bids.

How does this happen? When a city sends a bill for holding these events they send it to the DNC, they send it to another Obama campaign committee, then the send it to the Secret Service;  who in turn says they are not responsible for Obama’s fund raising events and are not liable to pay for this. In other words the Obama campaign is play pass the buck to outrun the bill.

And Obama said in his famous speech about Bush leaving him a national crisis saying “It’s like sitting down to dinner after the person you’re with ordered a huge meal and got up and left once you sat down”.

Where have I hear this before?

When Obama visits a city it’s required that extra police, venues, city workers all have to cater to the president and his entourage to hold these events. This cost the city money to hold these events in the form of overtime, paperwork, special needs etc…

These are the cities that are known, just think how many have not reported this yet because they are still in the 30 day wait loop?

Now for a list of the cities Obama has stiffed are as follows

New Port Beach Ca.  – 34K

Boston Ma. – 200K

Springfield Ill. – 24K

#Romney2012 has been to New Port and had a 10K bill which he has paid 30 days after he was billed, and on time, unlike Obama.

Thankfully #clint Eastwood came out and endorsed #romney2012 for president… thanks #clint your the man.

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  3. August 5, 2012 at 2:36 pm

    Reblogged this on DamDems and commented:

    Obama blames Bush for skipping the tab when he is doing the same thing to cities

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