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Obama still blames “Bush” but Karl Rove breaks down the numbers

Obama still blames Bush for HIS failed policies.

Most polls say his job approval is 48% and going down, now that he came out for the gay vote this will hurt his chances with the blacks and Hispanics.

Karl Rove gives a break down on the numbers. The Rasmusen poll shows Romney 47 and Obama 42, the first time Romney has pulled ahead.

With unemployment at 8.3% and peoples attitude are going to change, if you took into account the U6 numbers the real unemployment is 15% and higher in the minority categories.

Even the main stream media will turn on Obama once they can’t ignore the numbers that are getting worse. When Jon Stewart from the Daily Show threw Reid under the bus you can tell the tide is changing.

GDP 1.75% under Obama and has been steadily going down each year.

In 1984 GDP 7.4% for Regan and he won in a landslide in his reelection bid. While unemployment was at 7.1% yet he was able to get that lower during his term once his policies were implemented.

With Harry Reid making the accusations on the Senate floor he is protected from any civil liability of his slimy comments. If he had made these type comments out in the public he would be sued and smeared for accusing Romney of criminal charges for not paying his taxes.

Obama keeps his hands clean with Reid slimming Romney but this Chicago style policies are a reflection of this president. So much for Obama uniting people, running a clean campaign or cutting the debt in half in his first term.

Obama has positioned himself with elite liberals holding more fundraisers than all other presidents combined now over 200 fundraisers so far, ignoring the jobs council for over 6 months.

The liberals now have to admit Regan had a good policy to contrast Romney claiming he doesn’t have a concise policy. This drives the liberals nuts.

Liberals say Romney confab runs on the platform “I’m not Obama”. That is good enough for me and all the people I talk to these days…

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