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Obama’s Plan: Tax suburbs to pay for inner cities by “Regional Tax Base Sharing”

Obama has been covertly working on a plan to fund the inner cities by robbing money from the suburbs.

As reported on Lou Dobbs tonight the author of the book “Spreading the Wealth” by Stanley Kurtz, has gathered data on a plan that Obama has been quietly working on to tax suburbs to pay for inner cities.

Here’s the jest of it.

Since the 80’s community organizers trained Obama to blame the blight on inner cities on suburban sprawl.

In the 90’s Obama mentors at the Gamaliel Foundation (formed by Obama) started their fight against suburbs by entering this into political discourse.

Obama’s mentor Mike Kruglik was one person who directed Obama on these attacks.

Now Kruglik has created the “Building One America” foundation under the guise of uniting Americans; while in retrospect they are trying to destroying suburbs.

How would this Soliloquy work?

By assessing new taxes, fees, and regulations to force Americans from the suburbs back into cities for a simple reason like the price of gas would cost too much to drive to work.

Then force poor people out of the cities into the suburbs to equalize and incorporate these areas into the city’s control by annexing them.

Then the last step is a controversial “regional tax base sharing”, where tax money flows from the suburbs into the inner cities; then redistributing “inner ring” suburban municipalities.

These policies have been ongoing for over 4 years, Obama administration has “regionalist” woven into his plan called the Sustainability Communities Initiative program. many of these programs are in the battleground states such as Florida, Ohio, and Virginia.

This has been very quietly and not anybody has heard of them, if more people knew that Obama was secretively waging a war on suburbs many would not vote for this man.


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