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Bob Beckel slams Republican Christians on the Five Today

Bob Beckel slams Christian republicans on the Five’s show today saying that all those republicans who wrap themselves in their beliefs just gave all the poor more taxes to pay, and gave the rich more tax breaks.

Beckel was saying that the republicans voted in NOT raising taxes are evil and want to keep people poor.

Beckel was quoting the bible in his defense to make his case.

Mr. Beckel is now blaming all republicans that want to keep taxes from being raised as anti-Christian.

Do you seriously believe Christians want people to be poor?

These attacks are blatant lies that now if you’re a Christian republican you want to punish the poor, when the Bible says to help the poor and needy.

Greg Gutfeld wanted to walk off stage slamming Beckel, saying he can’t sit there and listen to these ad hominem attacks at the end of the show so no rebuttal could be made.

Beckel makes some really stupid comments and gets away with them, he was even cursing on Sean Hannity’s show and thought he was going to lose his job, but Hannity put in a good word for him so he was safe.

These are typical comments that Beckel makes, running over people on the show to bolster his ratings or to show his dogged point of view down people’s throats.

Beckel show everyone everyday why liberals are out of touch

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