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Disenfranchised Republican Voters in Texas Runoff Election: Cops were Called Out

I went to vote today for Ted Cruz in the primary runoff election and was shocked how bad it was ran.

I went to City hall to vote and was told to go over to the elementary school that was closer to my house, so after a short wait in line I said OK and drove off.

When I got there to the school to vote I was told I can’t vote there since I’m republican therefore had to go back to the place I just left. I explained to the person I was told to come here and was getting mad.

Soon about 5 other people came in and wanted to vote and were told they couldn’t vote there since they are republican as well. People are getting mad especially when this one guy received his ballot and Cruz was not on it. He demanded an explanation and the person who was working there said this is our ballot. He refused to vote with it and give it back. The lady called the cops and people said this is not right and some waited around for the cops and that person left. I did see him over at the other voting place so he could cast his ballot for Cruz.

I got mad as hell by now and told the lady there I was going over to city hall where I just came from and was going to file a complaint which I did.

I arrived at City Hall, and the lady that told me she was incorrect for telling me to drive over to the other poll, and apologized several times because my situation was unique because I just moved back from California, but registered in time to vote although I was not on their roll. They had to call the election board to verify I was legitimate, and I was.

I informed the election judge that the cops were being called out to the other polling location I just left and republicans were feeling disenfranchised and actually one elderly couple said they were not driving over to city hall, therefore would not be voting today. That really pissed me off to hear this.

Once I stated that the person was handing out a ballot telling one guy that was his ballot he was suppose to vote on it created a firestorm. I told them people are not going to vote because of this SNAFU.

I told them I needed to Secretary of State and Dallas County Election Board so I can call and file a complaint – which I did call and file soon after leaving.

This was a complete mismanagement of voter polls/regulations and how it was ran is appalling at best.

I await for a person from these places to get back to me or I will call and follow up again.

I’m curious what was on that democratic ballot and why this election was in chaos in the final hour.

I am pissed and will be following up and may call the local news station to see if they respond.

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  1. August 1, 2012 at 4:31 am

    those kinda situations really suck! Recently, I was the campaign manager in a closely fought election to legislative house of one of our States. On the day of elections I received hundreds of calls from our supporters spread across the district claiming they were not being allowed to vote because their name did not appear in the voter’s list. And the administration always has an excuse for this…blame it on the voters themselves. In this case I was convinced it was foul play on part of the incumbent government.

    • August 1, 2012 at 11:19 am

      Oh I called the State Dept and raised hell this is not over

  1. August 3, 2012 at 2:09 pm

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