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Romney vows hard line on Iran

Romney is promising a hard line stance against Iran.

Romney is making it crystal clear Iran does not need to have nuclear capabilities…

While he will not criticize Obama or how he has pandered to the Islamic regime

Now Obama wants to set up military action in Israel, just days before Romney’s speech. He had 3 years to do this?

Romney said:

“Iran is testing the resolve of Israel  and America, [he does say that his policies will be much less tolerant of their actions]. The Ayatollah (means high ranking religious official) is testing our moral defenses and we will not look away. We must persuade Iran to abandon nuclear enrichment. Israel has a thriving economy and what they have built here is a tribute to the rest of the world. Your nation is stronger with independent ideas, and have the ability to criticize openly your government or leaders”.

Why does Obama have to make such claims just days before Romney will give his speech, he is scared of being one-upped.

Obama is playing catch up poker, he had to upstage Rubio before his plan was laid out just days before the senate on illegal immigration.

By opening the boarder, tying the hands of our boarder patrol and giving amnesty to Mexican with a vague policy.

Romney has been very well received and people truly like him. Reports say his guile was well received,very strong and was not duplicative, but clear and concise.

Romney is looking very presidential as the days go by….

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