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Justice Antinon Scalia ducks question on Justice John Roberts in interview

Justice Antonin Scalia was interviewed by Chris Wallace on his Sunday show. It was interesting to hear some of his thoughts but mainly to hear what he didn’t say.

I had no idea Scalia was against Roe v. Wade and wanted to over turn it.

When asked about Obama health care law, he said it didn’t pass mustard based on his views as a textualist?

What is a textualist. Someone who believes in the text of the constitution and frames the argument what the founding fathers would agree would apply for unforeseen situations (like the internet). This is the basis for conservatives.

A orginalist is the opposite who believes the constitution is a document that can be twisted to the changing world as we know it. This is for the liberals to manipulate as they see fit for their agenda.

Now a new word for the day is purpose-ism or what is the purpose this is needed, used or exercised. This concludes the finer wording or how something is defined, such as the meaning of a certain word. This is word Smithing or legalese.

When Wallace asked if he though Justice Roberts changed his mind in the last minute on Obamacare he said you would have to ask him.

Then when Justice Scalia was  asked if he was in the majority to strike down Obama care he declined to comment on the internal affairs of the court,

He was also asked Justice Scalia, if he had ever changed his mind on a decision, he said yes even when writing his argument.

When asked about retiring he wants to wait till a republican president is in office before he will step aside so that 20+ years of his work will not be undone by a liberal judge.

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