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15 Tips on debating a hard core liberal and you will WIN…

Liberals: making it easiest to call them out and list their faults.

  1. Look no further than Chick-fla-A how intolerant fags are, and they are suppose to love everyone?
  2. Blacks making racist remarks on TV, Radio, Standup comedy (Chris Rock)
  3. 3 million jobs hired by small business owners lost forever
  4. 223K small business gone, closed down, and lost forever.
  5. 500K lost jobs in coal industry, stock plummeting, plants closing down
  6. 50% of people on food stamps
  7. 50% of people don’t pay taxes so they could care less
  8. 91% Increase in gas in the three years
  9. 2000% increase in Food stamps up over last 15 years
  10. Job loss has been ongoing for 3 years with lowest DGP in 40 years
  11. Federal agencies estimated spending 76K per one minimum wage job created (1 freaking job).
  12. Over taxation, regulations, fines, and fees have chocked personnel wealth down 20 years.
  13. Taxes rose for health care bill that is our new tax for everyone and small business
  14. Stimulating/spending/investing in crony entitlements never produce a sustainable job.
  15. Government can’t spend its way out of debt no matter how you spin it. Can you spend more than you borrow?

You can’t get water out of a well that has dried up.


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