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Romney may be the last Republican ever voted into office?

Why could the republicans fail?

Do you think blacks and Mexicans are stupid?

Does it make since that white people have a good reason to fear because liberals want fundamental changes in society, and people are too stupid to realize how liberals want to keep people down enslaved as a society.

This is a very good point Rush quoted today presented by Pat Bucannon:

“Why would any black, Mexican or lazy white person want to vote republican when the GOP want’s to cut taxes that they don’t pay, and social program they receive”?

When you have 50% of people that live here getting food stamps or some form of a government check not paying taxes you have a problem conveying the point this system will implode.

This is culminated from the 400K Mexicans that have crossed the boarder illegally and we let it happen and gave them all the goodies most people avoid getting.

These free handouts have crushed this economy and the sad thing they knew this would happen.

You can’t tell me that year after year the government didn’t know what was going on.

The only hope is to get a message out that if you vote democratic you are embracing poverty, as I would say servitude or serfdom.

The social decline is apparent with 1 in 5 people are not religious or recognize religion. This is a huge problem!!

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