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Chick-fla-A will haunt Obama faster than you can say “You didn’t built it”

Obama ignoring Chick-fla-A is helping republicans more than ever with his dilettantish  pretense acting like the nice guy will show what a two face pander-mister he has become.

Does Obama really care about small business like he claims or is he telling you what you want to hear?

The twist – Obama can’t support small business like he would claim. This would be construed as supporting Christians, freedom of choice, religious views abrogated into defining your business model, freedom of choice.

This will enrage liberals.

Nor support gays and their  liberal agenda, without angering Christians.

The whacked out hard core democrats are clinging with their fingernails trying not to look stupid why?

Obama policies that are ruining this nation and scarring independents/republicans into fight or flight mode screaming change.

Obama will not only loose this election but it will be big time.

People are stealing from the next generation and must be removed with full reprimand.

Platitudes are basically talking sideways while wasting time/money.

But now the government doesn’t actually run like that, for one reason? They can’t be fired?

They can resign under pressure from the court of public opinion.

Exposing this avaricious fallacy the government has brainwashed the masses “we are here to protect you”.

Just remember Obama’s famous words – You didn’t build that somebody else helped you

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