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Obama running scared now running towards nice guy image

Team Romney is pounding Obama into a pulp with superpak bashing the quote “you didn’t build that business some body else made that happen”.

Just put this in perspective.

How much money did Obama spend on negative ads?

Obama has spent millions on the Baine capitol negative ads his math is spending 58 million while taking in 46 million; this is how Obama runs the country on a negative budget.

Now how much does his campaign and superpaks have to spend back tracking his infamous comment about small business? My guess it will be hundreds of millions.

AS his burn rate will expire sooner than than expected what will he do now?

My guess is Obama will run towards the far extreme left and make as many self-righteous claims that will only reach the desperate extremist that actually believe what he is saying. While hiding behind lawyers, superpaks and rich liberal donors. Can you claim to even know any of these type people, they are not normal every day people.

Unless your an actor, rich or a racist black you really can’t relate. Period… so now the real question, do you hang out with these people?

How can you say the economy is better, you can’t.

Blaming the GOP, Teaparty, White people, that we are racist shows how racist they are.

If you are not for independence, smaller government, less taxes, self responsibility then what are you for?

This is what anyone would want?

There are just really 10 basic laws, and just about everyone with a small brain could name a few.

But people are ignoring the basic laws of life. That is why we are declining as a nation.

Until we restore accountability and responsibility then we have a huge problem, racism and hate is learned!!!

Obama is running on another platform and that’s being nice, but his superpaks and cronies are running full blown negative, divisive, racist remarks.

How divided can you be…. it’s talking out of the side of your mouth.


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