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Gaff Master Joe Biden slaps Philadelphia Firefighters in the face

Your friend and mine Joe Biden has a way with words, much to the dismay of his base; they have to wonder why does he says the stupidest things?

The Philadelphia Firefighters Union were wanting to hear some praise about some awards but Biden failed to give any credit due to these guys.

The chief was visibly upset how Biden discounted this achievement.

Waiting to hear Biden call out the Mayor to endorse the implementation of an award to city firefighters that provided raises and protections against furloughs, but that never came.

Yet Biden had no problem making jabs at the GOP stating such garbage like “I wish my kids would become wealthy”.

I thought the Obama regime was against the elite 1%, make up your mind are you for being rich or against it?

Then this is one that really got me. “I don’t think he gets you. I don‘t think he understands what you’re all about, what makes you tick, what makes you decide to go in this profession, which you couldn’t pay 90 percent of the population to do.”

So what does that mean, are firefighters stupid are you saying that only idiots will run into a burning building to save people?

Or does this mean Biden is so smart he would not risk his life for something like this and has to rely on others to save his house.

You can take it several ways yet people skip over the fact he was saying these guys are not worthy of mentioning an award but have a job that 90% of other would never do.

We usually say that about people who are doing something that pays very little or you have to work so hard it’s not worth the money. Are not the brightest apples in the cart or they are uneducated and nebbish.

Either way Biden has a orator illness called foot in mouth disease, you just have to laugh this guy can’t shut up and only hurts his party..but his party is so stupid they agree before they really know what they have agreed too.

Good thing the liberal media must get approval before printing any officials remarks from the White House or they would be in real trouble..


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