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Obama pisses off Oakland California

As Obama has another fund raiser in Oakland California, more people walk in protest on his policies on medical marijuana.

So all the idiots in Cali that voted for Obama how do you like it now? As protesters take to the street to march before Obamas fundraising event any are mad as hell how these policies are effecting the medical marijuana community and hitting them in the wallets and personal usage.

Here is the kicker many Californians’ still want to vote democratic when many republicans are in favor of states rights.

Republicans are not the problem people it lying liberal democrats get it through your thick head.

His told people his policies would not crack down on California state rights but yet again he lied to the people of that state, using the DOJ to crack down and stomp all over states rights.

When will people understand Obama will lie to you so he can stay in office. He would rather put people in jail then let a business that pay tons of money in taxes to bail out this broke ass state.

60% of Americans would vote to legalizes ‘POT” yet this administration fails to recognize state rights like Texas on voter ID.

If you think Obama and the DOJ will protect your rights think again. LA is shutting down medical dispensaries as we speak and they create tons of cash for a city that is going bankrupt.

This is just what Obama does, lie to your face, tell you want you want to hear, then go behind closed doors to pander to donors that fund his perverted policies.

Steven Lubell, the attorney who represents several of the city’s original dispensaries, predicted. “Is it going to go away?. “It’s going to go to a darker side.”

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