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Racist Niggers Hate Romney and Teaparty

Racist niggers hate tea-party and Romney and we all know this hyperbole is true. You are going to hear niggers talk more crap about tea-party and Romney using scare tactics and racial remarks to embolden blacks to “HATE” white people.

That is what a nigger does that, they are racist pigs that need to be called out as haters. The latest is Louise Lucas (Va. D)

Here is the kicker, you don’t have to be black to be a nigger, so all you racist niggers chew on that. I know white trash that I call niggers just like black people, Mexicans, Asians; it’s who you are and what you stand for that make you a nigger or not a nigger.

If you look in the dictionary the term Nigger – bad, poor, lazy, ignorant, addict, thief and I am going to add “haters”...

Do you know anyone like that? Are they all black?

I’m sure know some white people that are niggers do you?

Now I had to spend a weekend in jail over missing a court date over my ex-wife. I went out of town for work and tried to get her to settle on visitation and stuff and she refused, so I left and told my lawyer.

He said it should not be a big deal just pay some cash towards child support and the warrant will be automatically lifted. I can back to town and she called the cops before I could get all the money up. So actually she did me a favor in retrospect.

By the way I’m white.. or cracker if you want to use some slang, personally I like redneck thank you..

While in jail for the weekend and released on Monday I made some friends and they were black, guess what the word nigger was being tossed around in jail like it was the word of the day and it was said every other word nigger this nigger that

So for blacks to claim this intrinsic racist BS are just playing the race card.

I treat a person by how they act, if you act like a nigger then your a nigger.

You can be white and still be a nigger so get over it.

If your black and act respectful then I have no problem calling you a black man or woman.

If your name is Obama your a mulatto, half black and white.

Morgan Freeman is not a nigger he is a black man.. why? He is educated, thoughtful, respectful, and upstanding.

He also is distancing himself from Obama because he know Obama is killing black men and their name for what they stand for.

I like Freeman and after hearing him speak out against Obama I knew where and what he stood for. He is not playing the race card so you have to respect that..

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  1. May 14, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    That’s really thinking at an imeissprve level

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